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The mission of PrivacySavvy is to provide you with all the information and tools that you need to ensure that your internet privacy is intact.

On a mission to make every internet user privacy savvy.

We’re a multinational team of privacy enthusiasts and security professionals. We’re privacy geeks (and are proud of it), and we aim to make every internet user privacy savvy.

The mission of PrivacySavvy is to provide you with all the information and tools that you need to ensure that your internet privacy is intact, your devices are secure, and that any time you step online, you’re safe.

Therefore, anything on the site is not only honest and free but also open to everyone.

Our team works extremely hard for bringing you the latest security news and the most relevant information around online privacy. Everything published on this site gets reviewed and checked thoroughly, always.

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KISS Principle

Our primary objective is to publish free guides in conjunction with the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle, which states that systems work best when kept simple and not being complicated.

Security, as well as online privacy, has to be simple, and making it complicated could be a stumbling block for folks looking to restore their privacy. We keep our guides informative yet straightforward to ensure that we cater to a broader audience.

So, what makes PrivacySavvy stand out from the rest?

No Sponsorships

PrivacySavvy doesn’t accept sponsorships of any kind or even payments to promote services and products. We only recommend products and services entirely based on our research and our own test results.

Besides, PrivacySavvy does not do paid reviews. Unlike most websites that are paid to write reviews by companies, PrivacySavvy reviews services/products independently without being paid for conducting a review. Furthermore, we’ll never accept any sort of remuneration to modify or even change any review.

No ads

Also, neither do we accept payment for advertising, nor do we host any ads.

It’s pretty obvious that paid advertising could result in bias alongside conflict of interest. Besides, ads can violate your privacy or even can be a security risk.

No Tracking

We don’t use any invasive tracking software except Google Analytics (for our internal use only such as audience analysis etc.) and make sure we comply with GDPR data privacy regulations in every way possible.

Not Paid for Ranking or Content

PrivacySavvy is never and will never be paid to recommend or rank products and services over the rest.

Also, we don’t publish paid content. The fact that we highlight a plethora of privacy and security tools doesn’t mean that we’re paid to do so.

Neither do we participate in a paid link scheme. We are committed to never get paid to link particular websites, articles, blogs, etc.

Entirely Independent

Today, in most cases in the cyber world, one entity owns the review website, as well as the products being reviewed. For instance, there’s word out there about VPN companies buying or even creating review websites.

Sometimes the sites have direct ownership of the products or services they recommend to the readers.

However, PrivacySavvy is an entirely independent site without ownership or even a financial stake in the service or products we have here.

Moreover, there’s no VPN service, digital media company, or any entity that owns PrivacySavvy.

Instead, a single privacy activist owns and operates it (even though we have multiple authors) but incorporated as a private limited without external financial interests or outside owners.

How PrivacySavvy Makes Money

From the start, there have been donation options for readers to support as well as cover the costs for the site.

However, it appears that nobody donates to the free information site, hence making that channel almost impossible.

The reason as to why we don’t run ads is because;

  1. Ads can be a security risk.
  2. Ads could sometimes abuse the reader’s privacy (they act as data collection tools as well as advanced tracking for advertising networks).
  3. They could result in a conflict of interest.

Therefore, the site is restricted from making money, and to continue operating the website as well as cover the costs, we have picked a few affiliates that align with the PrivacySavvy mission.

For instance, if you get a VPN subscription via a link on the site, we may earn some small commission without any additional cost. We also don’t work with companies with dishonest practices or bad track records. Also, affiliation with any provider does not influence our editorial practices. All the reviews and articles on PrivacySavvy are based on rigorous testing and reviewers’ independent examination for the services/products.

Most of the earned income is invested to research, write, and test different privacy as well as security tools apart from hosting alongside the fixed costs for running a website.

Support PrivacySavvy

You can support PrivacySavvy through four main ways so that we can achieve our mission and keep bringing you the highest quality information on security and privacy issues:

  • Share information from the site with others – you simply need to spread the word.
  • Link to PrivacySavvy’s articles and guides.
  • Donate to PrivacySavvy. You can send your donations via Bitcoin to our BTC wallet address 186T4eVZDCEBdz7SGoCMBnEcmpkesJFjYo.
  • Purchase services/products through links on the site.

No matter how you support us, it is always appreciated!

PrivacySavvy Address

Like you (our readers), we value our privacy and hence prefer using email. You can contact us using the form on our contact page or email directly at aq [at] privacysavvy.com.